The Fact Books are collections of unaudited historical data that are helpful to investors who are researching the Company history. Want to know how many Harley-Davidson Sportster® motorcycles were shipped in the second quarter of 1996? Or, how many Harley-Davidson® dealers were in Canada in 2012? Use the Fact Books to quickly access that information. Specifically, the Fact Books contain:


  • Consolidated statement of operations 2007-current
  • Annual income statement summary 1986 – current
  • Quarterly income statement 1994-current
  • Comparative consolidated balance sheet summary 1986-current
  • Condensed consolidated balance sheets 1995-current
  • Motorcycle shipments 1986-current
  • Quarterly motorcycle shipments 1994-current
  • Suggested retail pricing for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles (U.S.) 2000-current
  • Harley-Davidson global motorcycle retail sales 1991 - current
  • Harley-Davidson, Inc. vs. S&P 500 composite index 1986-current
  • Harley-Davidson global full-line dealerships 2006-current


Note: Multiple data sources are used to compile this information. The information contained in the Fact Books are unaudited. Harley-Davidson disclaims any obligation to update the information presented in the Fact Books.